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Duke *Orthopaedic* Surgeons re-create New Yorker cover to raise awareness about women in medicine


The cover of April's Health, Medicine, and Body issue of The New Yorker has prompted a #ILookLikeASurgeon challenge across the nation. According to The New Yorker

The New Yorker’s Health, Medicine & the Body Issue this year featured the animated cover “Operating Theatre,” by the French artist Malika Favre. The illustration, done in cool shades of blue, shows four female members of a surgical team gazing down over a patient on an operating table, their eyes bright above matching white surgical masks. Favre told us that she designed the scene with the patient’s perspective in mind. “I tried to capture that feeling of people watching you lose consciousness,” she said. But, after the magazine was released, the cover took on a life of its own when Susan Pitt, an endocrine surgeon at the University of Wisconsin, issued a challenge to her fellow female surgeons: to replicate the image in real life, bringing visibility to the women and other minority groups working in a traditionally white, male-dominated field. Hundreds of surgeons across the world responded to the challenge, taking photographs and sharing them online with the hashtag #ILookLikeASurgeon.

On April 26, 2017, Duke Orthopaedic surgeons (starting at the 9 o'clock position and going clockwise), Rachel Reilly, Shalini Ramasunder, Melissa Erickson, Norah Foster, Alexia Soria, Rita Baumgartner, Julia Visgauss, Kendall Bradley, and Lindsay Kleeman, took the #ILookLikeASurgeon Challenge to the next level by taking an ortho-only photo!

On Tuesday, April 19th, orthopaedic spine surgeons, Melissa M. Erickson, MD and Norah Foster, MD, along with 15 other female surgeons from various disciplines across Duke, also got together to recreate the iconic photo. 

Starting with the surgeon in loupes at 9 o'clock and going clockwise:
1: Daiva Nevidomskyte- Vascular
2: Noran Barry – General
3: Laura Rosenberger – Breast
4: Betty Tong – Thoracic
5: Kate Buretta – Plastics
6: Julie Doberne – Integrated CT
7: Melissa Erickson – Ortho Spine
8: Toli Karas – ENT
9: Norah Foster- Ortho Spine
10: Linda Cendales – Hand/Transplant
11: Lola Fayanju – Breast
12: Lisa Tracy – Pediatrics
13: Cecilia Ong – General
14: Amy Alger – Trauma/General
15: Kelli Brooks – Trauma/General
16: Shelly Hwang - Breast
17: Leila Mureebe-Vascular