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Multicultural Resources

El Centro Hispano is a “grassroots community-based organization dedicated to strengthening the Hispanic/Latino community and improving the quality of life of Hispanic/Latino residents in Durham, North Carolina, and the surrounding area.” El Centro Hispano offers programs in education, health, social service and community organization.



El Pueblo is dedicated to strengthening the Latino Community through leadership development, education, advocacy, and cross-cultural understanding in local, state, and national partnerships to achieve social change for Hispanics/Latinos.  A yearly event is La Fiesta del Pueblo, which celebrates Latino art and culture with music, art, dance, food, etc. El Pueblo is also very active in advocacy for immigration reform, access to higher education, and “know your rights”.        



Hayti Heritage Center aims to preserve the heritage of the old Hayti community through this cultural enrichment and arts education facility.

Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History, initially known as the Black Cultural Center, is part of UNC-CH and is committed to raising awareness and appreciation of, broadening the range of intellectual discourse, and examining the culture of African-Americans and peoples of the African diaspora.

Student Action for Farmworkers works with farmworkers, students and advocates to create a more just agricultural system through actions, presentations, publications and email alerts, mobilization for legislation, consumer boycotts, and other justice efforts.

UNC American Indian Center aims to “bridge the richness of American Indian cultures with the strengths of Carolina’s research, education, and service.”  Initiatives include engagement of students, the campus community, and native community, as well as engaged scholarship.

Durham Congregations in Action
is a nonprofit, interfaith, interracial organization of 57 Durham congregations responding to poverty, racism, and violence. Sponsors and trains volunteer teams from congregations to provide youth mentoring, anti-racism work, welfare-to-work support, ex-offender re-entry to the community, and other services. 

LGBTQ Center of Durham
is committed to serving the City and County of Durham as well as the surrounding counties to ensure all folks have the resources necessary to live full, joyful lives.