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Culture, Identity, & Religion

Center for Multicultural Affairs – Studies provides links to the various studies that exist at Duke, such as the Asian Pacific Studies Institute, African & American Studies, Duke Islamic Studies Center, Latino/a Studies, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, and Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies.

 Jewish Life at Duke consists of two organizations, the Freeman Center, which provides a home for Jewish Life on campus, and the Rubenstein-Silvers Hillel, which provides programming throughout Duke. Jewish Life at Duke uses a “pluralistic approach to Judaism” to foster Jewish Life for all Jews, regardless of denominations.

Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture aims “to promote racial understanding, build community, and foster an appreciation for and increase knowledge of Black people, Black history, Black culture, and the vast contributions of people of the African Diaspora.”


Muslim Life at Duke includes efforts from the Muslim Chaplain and the Muslim Student Association and “aims to create a community where everybody who considers themselves Muslim – regardless of their ethic background, level of practice, and/or their commitment to the faith – feels welcome, and to provide opportunities for people interested in learning about the Muslim faith and culture.”


Religious Life, includes a directory of religious life groups (25+ groups representing Protestant, Orthodox, Catholic, non-denominational, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu faiths),
the Faith Council, and Duke and Durham interfaith and community partners.