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Occupational Therapy Doctorate

Joining with occupational therapy and occupational science communities internationally, as well as Duke University,

The Duke OTD envisions an inclusive world where all people flourish through access to and participation in meaningful, health-supporting occupations, the activities of everyday life.
We look forward to welcoming our inaugural cohort of future occupational therapists in August 2021. The Duke OTD is committed to weaving student’s personal and professional development together to shape leaders with a focus on eliminating human suffering caused by barriers to occupation. In order to welcome and form a cohort of students from as many walks of life as possible, the Duke OTD has taken the following actions to create an inclusive and equitable learning community:

  • Active learning and engagement in the community
  • Faculty position focused on minority recruitment and retention
  • Intentional integration between the personal and professional
  • Focus on justice work of eliminating human suffering caused by barriers to occupation
  • A holistic admissions process to welcome students from wide-ranging backgrounds