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Apply for Visiting Medical Student Subinternship


Accepting applications: 2020-2021

Application deadline:  April 1 (VSAS opens early/mid-February)

VSAS contact for Duke: Scott Campbell 

The orthopaedic surgery subinternship rotation is open primarily to medical students who plan to apply for a position in the Duke Orthopaedic Surgery residency program. Students who wish to complete a subinternship but do not intend to apply to our residency training program may do a subinternship during the spring term if space is available.

Office of the Registrar guidelines stipulate that visiting medical students are not eligible to confirm a rotation until Duke medical students have had the opportunity to enroll during Duke’s open enrollment period, which generally occurs over the first week or two in March.

Duke students only: For more information or a permission number to enroll, please contact Wendy Thompson at wendy.thompson@duke.edu or 919-684-3170.

What you'll need

To be considered for the subinternship, you must meet the requirements of both the Office of the Registrar and the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery.

Learn more about the Visiting Medical Students Program and requirements at the Office of the Registrar

To apply for the subinternship:

All visiting medical students interested in participating in the Duke Orthopaedic Surgery Subinternship must apply through VSAS "Visiting Student Application Service." If the visiting medical student also happens to be interested in applying for residency training in orthopaedic surgery, they must also apply through ERAS (in addition to VSAS). We recognize that not all visiting medical students will also apply for residency training. 

Supply supporting documentation:

  • Curriculum vitae: Duke Orthopaedics will obtain a copy of a potential visiting student’s CV from VSAS.  Duke students: please submit a copy directly to our office.
  • Personal statement: Our office will obtain a copy of a visiting student’s learning objectives from VSAS. It is recommended that students include a brief description of their background, educational experience, honors, extracurricular activities, research activities and interests, plans for residency training, and future goals. Duke students: please submit a personal statement directly to our office.
  • Letter(s) of reference:  Our office will obtain a copy of reference letters for visiting medical students from VSAS. It is recommended (not required) that the letter come from an orthopaedic surgeon with whom you’ve worked in a clinical setting (preferred) or a research project. 
  • Transcript: Our office will obtain a copy of the medical school transcript for visiting students from VSAS. For Duke students, please submit a copy directly to our office.

International medical school students

If you are enrolled at a medical school outside of the United States, please see the “Applicant Information for International and Canadian (LCME) medical students” section on the Office of the Registrar’s website.

Application process

Once all required materials are received and approved by the Duke University School of Medicine, the Duke SOM will contact the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery for approval.

The Office of the Registrar from the Duke University School of Medicine will contact students regarding their application process and their acceptance for a subinternship in orthopaedic surgery.

We recommend that students complete and submit Duke Orthopaedics’ one-page application and provide supporting documentation at the same time as the VSAS (or at the time you sign up through Duke SOM). This will enable our office to arrange faculty interviews during the four-week rotation period. 

Visiting Clinical Scholars Program

Duke Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Many medical students explore residency programs by participating in clerkships at their schools of choice. If one assumes that the resident pool is representative of the pool from which fellows and faculty are mentored and recruited, then a strategic investment in diversifying the pool of residents holds the potential to positively impact the diversity of our fellows and faculty. Our 4th Year Medical Students Visiting Clinical Scholars Program for underrepresented minorities and socioeconomically disadvantaged students is an important step forward in this direction. The Visiting Clinical Scholars Program is currently offered in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. Please visit their web site for detailed information and application process.