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Division of Adult Reconstruction

The Division of Adult Reconstruction is currently led by Dr. Michael Bolognesi (pictured left). Surgeons in the Division of Adult Reconstruction continue to lead the field in research, innovation, and in the number of hip and knee replacement surgeries performed each year. The research they do, which includes finding novel diagnostic and treatment modalities in biofilm-related periprosthetic joint infections and clinical research focused on improving outcomes and care of joint replacement patients, allows them to be on the cutting edge of hip and knee replacement and to evaluate the care they deliver as they strive for even better results for patients. The division remains dedicated to the central mission of Duke Orthopaedics, which is to eventually find the cure for arthritis. There will be a day where the treatment delivered will be a biological one and not reliant on metal, ceramic, and plastic.

  • Our orthopedic surgeons perform over one thousand hip replacements each year
  • Our unparalleled experience enables our surgeons to treat some of the most complex cases involving hip and knee replacements
  • We are committed to training future generations of orthopedic surgeons

Our patients benefit from our experience treating the most complex cases, including:

  • Hip Pain & Hip Injury: Duke is a nationally ranked leader in the treatment of hip pain, hip injuries and hip preservation for patients of every age. Our specialists in Raleigh and Durham perform more than 1,000 hip replacement surgeries each year, and often correct unsuccessful surgeries performed elsewhere. Our goal is to offer you relief from the pain and disability often associated with hip injuries and deteriorating hip conditions.
  • Hip Preservation Surgery: Duke hip preservation surgeons perform hundreds of hip preservation surgeries annually to reduce hip pain and restore normal hip function. When painful hip conditions such as hip dysplasia and hip impingement are diagnosed early, we are among the few orthopaedic specialists in the country to use complex hip preservation techniques to help you reduce your risk for premature arthritis and hip replacement surgery in your later years.
  • Hip Replacement Surgery: Duke hip surgeons in Raleigh and Durham are considered leaders in the field because of our use of advanced technologies, nurse staffing and the number of hip replacement surgeries we perform each year. Specialists in our nationally ranked orthopaedic center are experienced with all less invasive approaches to hip replacement surgery -- from the back (posterior), the front (anterior) and the side (lateral) -- and the devices we use ensure you will undergo the procedure that meets your individual needs.
  • Knee Pain & Knee Injury: Duke’s nationally renowned orthopaedic specialists treat all sources of knee pain, and conduct research to improve your care and outcomes. Our doctors in Raleigh and Durham have one overarching goal: to relieve your knee pain, correct your injury, and return you to your normal activities as soon as possible.
  • Knee Replacement Surgery: Surgeons in Duke’s nationally ranked orthopaedic center perform hundreds of knee replacement surgeries each year. Our specialists in Raleigh and Durham have the expertise to get you back to your normal routine faster. Our orthopaedic surgeons develop and refine techniques for partial knee replacement and total knee replacement surgeries, including minimally invasive knee replacement options. We offer you the best care possible including less risk of complications and a decreased likelihood of needing additional surgery down the road.

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