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Board of Trustees approves Occupational Therapy Doctorate


The Department now officially includes an academic occupational therapy doctorate (OTD) program! Dr. Barb Hooper, the OTD Division Chief, and Program Director, thanks department leadership, DPT colleagues, and the OTD team for their support and substantive contributions to getting through the robust approval process. The first OTD cohort of 28 students will begin in August 2021. The OTD requires full-time study for 3 years. The basic premise of occupational therapy is that having a repertoire of meaningful things to do each day is a vital determinant of health, development, and well-being. Students will, therefore, study the complex transactions that go into doing seemingly ordinary everyday activities, why that matters to health, and how to optimize everyday activities when someone’s participation is disrupted by health conditions, the environment, and life situations.

The OTD Team (from left to right)
Barb Hooper, Division Chief, and Program Director;  Sheila Moyle, Academic Fieldwork Coordinator; John McCall, Vice Chief of Administration and Operations, Associate Director, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery; Lindy Norman, Special Program Coordinator, and Holley Broughton, Communications Strategist