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Congratulations to Drs. Will Eward, Sam Adams, Thorsten Seyler, and Jonathan Riboh on receiving Duke Research Awards!

Awards and Recognition

We are delighted to announce that four of our faculty have received substantial awards in support of their research efforts. Will Eward and Sam Adams were named Duke Health System Scholars; Thorsten Seyler was named a Duke Health Fellow; and Jonathan Riboh was selected for a Duke Strong Start New Physician-Scientist Award. Sam for his work on a biochemical link between osteoarthritis and depression; Will for his work on comparative sarcoma genetics identifying new therapeutic targets for cancer; Thorsten for his work targeting cryptic organisms in biofilms to help treat arthroplasty infections; and Jonathan for his work on bone interactions and skeletal maturity on cartilage regeneration. All told they will receive well over a million dollars in research support!

Please join us in congratulating each of them on their fantastic accomplishments. This is a strong recognition of the quality of their work and will be a major boost in fostering their research careers.