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DCRI Research fellow for the Musculoskeletal Therapeutic Area, Trevor Lentz, to be co-Chief Fellow for 2018-2019 DCRI Research Fellowship Training Program

Awards and Recognition

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The DCRI Fellowship leadership team is proud to announce that Angela Lowenstern, MD (Cardiology) and Trevor Lentz, PT, PhD (Musculoskeletal) will be the co-Chief Fellows for the 2018-2019 academic year. Beginning this July, they will step into the positions filled by the current co-Chief Fellows for the DCRI Research Fellowship Training Program, Samantha Dallefeld, MD, and Alexander Fanaroff, MD.

Lentz (pictured left) received a bachelor’s of exercise science and a master’s of physical therapy from the University of Florida (UF). He was a physical therapist at the UF Health Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Institute before leaving in 2014 to pursue a research career. Last year, he received his PhD in rehabilitation science and Master of Public Health in management and policy from UF. 

Lentz has clinical practice expertise in rehabilitation following orthopedic injury and surgery as well as in sports rehabilitation. His research focuses on outcomes prediction following orthopedic surgery and other musculoskeletal pain-related treatments, with an emphasis on identifying key psychological factors that influence patient-reported outcomes and healthcare utilization. 

Since August, Lentz has been a Postdoctoral Fellow at the DCRI; the first DCRI Research Fellow for the Musculoskeletal Therapeutic Area. He lives in Cary with his wife, Kristen, daughters Madeline and Emma, and two dogs named Duke and Rosie.

"DCRI's Fellowship Program provides a wonderful opportunity for cross-disciplinary education, collaboration, and innovation," he said. "I look forward to working with leaders of the program over the next year to build upon its many strengths."

Lowenstern (pictured right) graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s of science with distinction and high honors in biochemistry. She received her MD from the University of Michigan Medical School, graduating with a Dean’s Award for Excellence in Clinical Skills.

Her medical career began with the Duke University Health System in the summer of 2012 as an internal medicine resident, and she has been been a Cardiology Fellow in the DUHS since July 2015. She began as a DCRI Fellow in July. 

With her clinical interests in interventional and structural cardiology, her research focuses on the treatment of patients with acute and stable coronary artery disease and structural heart disease as well as the overlap of interventional cardiology with cardiac intensive care. 

Lowenstern is also pursuing a Master of Health Sciences through the Clinical Research Training Program at Duke. She lives in south Durham wi​th her husband Mariano, dog Josie, and cat Luigi.

"Since joining the DCRI, I've really enjoyed the Fellowship Program opportunities to work with and learn from all members of the clinical research team," Lowenstern said. "I look forward to working with everyone in the Fellowship Program to continue utilizing the many strengths of the program while helping to shape it as well."

DCRI Executive Director Eric Peterson, MD, MPH said, "Each year the co-Chiefs play a vital role in helping to lead and innovate DCRI's Research Fellowship Training Program. I am grateful to our current co-Chiefs, Samantha and Alex, who are doing a great job and have set the bar high. Yet, I have full confidence that Angela and Trevor will be equally excellent! They have both excelled in their research projects during their first year of the Fellowship program and are highly collaborative with their peers."

Janelle Burner, Fellowship Program coordinator, added: "Thank you to Alex and Sam for all of their work as co-Chief fellows. They both added great value to the program. Also, congratulations to Angela and Trevor on accepting the challenge of becoming co-Chiefs for 2018-2019. I am excited to work with both of them and to continue watching the program grow."

Lowenstern and Lentz look forward to representing Fellows from a variety of medical fields and backgrounds as they carry on the DCRI's legacy of enhanced collaboration, innovation, and scholarship within our richly diverse group of Fellows.​​