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Dr. Kyle Covington to present at the Association of Medical Education in Europe's International Conference

Awards and Recognition

We would like to recognize Kyle Covington, PT, DPT, PhD, who will be presenting at the Association of Medical Education in Europe's international conference in Helsinki, Finland later this month. The Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) is a worldwide organisation with members in 90 countries on five continents. AMEE promotes international excellence in education in the healthcare professions across the continuum of undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education.

Dr. Covington is the lead presenter from work completed for Duke Medicine Global's AiME project entitled, "Advancing Medical Education Globally: A leadership-initiated project to examine one university’s medical education processes in order to enhance medical education capacity globally."

Additionally, he is listed as a co-auther on another presentation accepted for AMEE, entitled, "2017: Assessing Student Attitudes of Interprofessional Learning Experiences: A Mixed Methods Approach."