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Grand Rounds and Conferences

Grand Rounds

Conferences and Grand Rounds are held in-person at 311 Trent Drive, Suite 1250, and on Zoom.
Past recordings are here: https://dukemed.instructure.com/

Duke Orthopaedic Surgery Grand Rounds are typically held every Wednesday from 6:30–7:30 a.m.
Specialty Core Conference is held every Tuesday from 6:30–7:30 a.m.
Fracture Conference is held every Thursday from 6:30–7:30 a.m.


Speciality Core Conference
 5/3/2022 Dupuytren Disease Suhail Mithani, MD


 5/17/2022 AC/SC/Clavicle Disorders Oke Anakwenze and Brian Lau
 5/24/2022 Principles of Care for Metastatic Disease Brian Brigman, Will Eward, Julia Visgauss
 5/31/2022 Revision TKA Fundamentals  Sam Wellman
 6/7/2022 Youth Knee

Kendall Bradley

 6/14/2022 Youth Knee Kendall Bradley
 6/21/2022 Biomechanics of Reverse & Anatomic Shoulder Arthroplasty &  Associated Complications

Chris Klifto

 6/28/2022 PGY1 Orientation - tentative  


Grand Rounds



5/18/2022 Albert Anastasio, M.D. "Balancing in Totla Ankle Arthroplasty'

1. Describe balancing techniques for the varus ankle

2. Describe balancing techniques for the valgus ankle

3. Describe supramalleolar osteotomy utilization in TAA

  James DeOrio, M.D.
5/18/2022 Kier Blevins, M.D. "Occupational hazard and injury in Orthopaedic Surgery"

1. Understand the dangers and hazards of working in the OR

2. Learn how to protect yourself in the operating theater and surgical environment

3. Describe the ways surgeons can empower others to limit occupational hazards and avoid them altogether

  Malcom Debaun, M.D.
5/18/2022 Niall Cochrane, M.D. TBA      
5/25/2022 Sneha Rao, M.D. "Cubital Tunnel Syndrome"


  Marc Richard, M.D.
5/25/2022 Patrick Kelly, M.D. "CMC Arthroplasty"     Tyler Pidgeon, M.D.
5/25/2022 Lucy Meyer, M.D. "Perioperative NASID use in Orthopaedic Surgery'

1. Undestand the pharmacokinetics of NSAIDs

2. Understand the effect of NSAIDS on bone healing potential

3. Understand when and for how long NSAID prescription in appropriate in the postoperative setting

  Samuel Adams, M.D.
6/1/2022 Patient Safety Conference       Alison Toth, M.D.
6/8/2022 Albert Anastasio, M.D.  


6/8/2022 Nicole Levine, M.D.  


6/8/2022 Alexandra Paul, M.D.  




Fracture Conference
5/5/2022 No conference - Piedmont    
5/12/2022 Tibial Plafond fractures Lower Extremity Cunningham
5/19/2022 Ankle fractures Lower extremity Fletcher
5/26/2022 Talus fractures/subtalar dislocations Lower extremity Fletcher
6/2/2022 Calcaneus fractures Lower extremity Fletcher
6/9/2022 Lisfranc/midfoot injuries Lower extremity Amoo-Achampong
6/16/2022 Trauma Indications Conference (Lower) Indications Cunningham
6/23/2022 Final check in - Residents only General All
6/30/2022 No fracture conference