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New Interdepartmental Spine Division holds Strategic Planning Session


On May 7, 2017, the new Interdepartmental Spine Division held a very successful strategic planning session. According to Dr. William Richardson, "[This was] our second Interdepartmental Spine Division meeting to discuss the search effort for a permanent Division Chief, Strategic Planning efforts, and updates on Spine Implant/Osteobiologics." Faculty attendees included:

  • Dennis Turner
  • Oren Gottfried
  • Carolyn Keeler
  • Michael Guo
  • Norah Foster
  • Gene Lewis
  • Anand Joshi
  • Chris Brown
  • Peter Grossi
  • Melissa Erickson
  • Joe Minchew
  • Phillip Horne
  • Paul Tawney
  • Sergio Mendoza
  • Gloria Liu
  • Peter Bronec
  • Bill Richardson

From administration, attendees included:

  • Shilpa Shelton
  • Jane Pleasants
  • Bill Troffi
  • Michael Gagnon
  • Eugene Rossitch
  • Kathy Tobin

And from Strategic Planning:

  • Morgan Jones