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Jonathan C. Riboh, MD

Jonathan C. Riboh, MD
Assistant Professor in Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr Riboh runs a translation science laboratory, based out of the Levine Science Research Center on Duke's campus.  His laboratory research focuses on age-related differences in cartilage in bone healing.  Specifically, his group is using mouse injury models to understand which cells and molecules contribute to the incredible healing of joint injuries seen in young children, with the hope of translating these healing pathways to adults, and provide novel treatments for cartilage disease and osteoarthritis.  

Dr Riboh's clinical studies mirror the focus of his clinical practice, in pediatric and adolescent sports medicine.  He is particularly interested in improving the rehabilitation process after ACL reconstruction in children, and developing tools to predict which athletes are at highest risk of re-injury.  He is also studying the outcomes of shoulder instability surgery in adolescents, where failure rates are high.  He runs a multi-center research team, which as a group is trying to improve indications, surgical techniques and rehabilitation in adolescent shoulder instability.  

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Division of Sports Medicine
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Durham, NC 27710
Pager: (919) 970-2613