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Internal information about Covid-19, including information on updates, safety measures, testing information, and lots more can be found on our Intranet site. Log in with your Shibboleth ID here.

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, our doctors, educators, and care teams are taking extra precautions to make your visit as safe as possible. Click here for more information on what Duke is doing to keep our patients, students, faculty, and staff safe.

Testing and Screening

Masks and Protective Equipment


Physical Distancing

“I continue to be amazed at the level of dedication you have demonstrated. It’s been an incredibly difficult time, but our department members are working above and beyond to meet the many challenges we are facing.”

Benjamin A. Alman, MD
James Urbaniak Professor and Chair,
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Nominate someone who has gone Above and Beyond!

from Dee Arrington

A HUGE shout out to Ray Malaguti and John Bonini for their hard work and dedication to keep our department running smoothly. It takes extraordinary leaders to be able to connect with a team to push forward and get projects done, under these unprecedented circumstances. Ray and John persevere to have a remarkable ability to emotionally connect with the team to make sure we are all ok. Thank you for always being supportive and expressing gratitude for the staff and truly caring about how our job affects others. I’m lucky to work under great leadership!

from Amy Judd

I’m not sure how it’s possible, but I’m convinced John Bonini has more than 24 hours in his day. There is no way humanly possible for him to accomplish all that he does without those few extra hours!

from a member of the Ortho team

I just want to thank John Bonini and Ray Malaguti for their tireless efforts to keep all of the Ortho clinics informed during this challenging time. They have been in daily communications with each of the managers to ensure we all have what we need and are aware of upcoming plans, processes, and policy changes. Their standard work document is thorough and comprehensive and will set us all up for success in this new phase.

from Colleen Ferlotti
I want to recognize Megan Wahl for her assistance training providers for telehealth. Her support and involvement have been greatly appreciated. Thank you, Megan, for living the value of teamwork and supporting me and Duke Health in this way.

from Melanie Frank
I would like to recognize David Attarian and the countless hours he has worked in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only does Dr. Attarian wear many hats within our department (Executive Vice-Chair of Clinical Operations, surgeon, mentor), he is also the Chief Medical Officer for the PDC and Medical Director for Duke University Hospital-Based Clinics. Despite the many demands placed upon him and his time, he has remained available and amenable to answer any question posed to him, serves as a co-reviewer with Dr. Alman of cases scheduled to go to the OR for our faculty, and has now offered to help field questions to the department’s new Ortho-Covid-19@duke.edu email account. True to his nature, he has remained the consummate professional and an invaluable leader!

from Megan Wahl
My role has shifted during this time to assist the telehealth team with helping providers with their telehealth accounts. Rachel Teague, Rachael Bowes, and Alan Moses have been instrumental in helping out with Dr. Mather's patients. They are always willing to assist and have positive attitudes. They are a great team and I am very appreciative of them!

Ben Alman
“I am honored to work for this department under the leadership of all of our Division Leaders and especially, Dr. Alman. These are the most unique and challenging times I’ve ever seen in healthcare and our nation, over the past 27 years. I am grateful for Dr. Alman’s practical, thoughtful leadership and direction in a time of tremendous uncertainty for our entire nation. His focus on the department overall, as well as the care he demonstrates for everyone, is rare among leaders and is just one of the reasons I’m proud to work for this department. We have a great future ahead of us and I am convinced that with his leadership and the contributions of our leaders and entire team, our best days are yet to come!–Dara Purvis

“When many are hosting meetings and strategies, Dr. Alman includes conversations, consistently engaging his teams to ensure the foundation of our members and the sustainability of our program. Dr. Alman is the model of a great and caring leader.”–Delores McNair

“I would like to recognize Dr. Ben Alman for his outstanding leadership during this national, state, and local crisis. I appreciate his support, encouragement, kind words, and calm demeanor. I appreciate his support for our faculty, staff, and students especially in the DPT program and the emerging OTD program.”–John McCall

“Ben has worked tirelessly to keep the department abreast as to updates and projected impact of COVID-19. He and his office have worked diligently to keep the lines of communication open through update meetings and special Grand Rounds sessions to ensure information is reaching all corners of the department. Ben has welcomed questions from anyone wanting to ask and tracks down the answer if he does not already have it. He has shown tremendous grace and gratitude to everyone in the department for banding together in this unprecedented time.” –Melanie Frank

“Dr. Alman is an excellent communicator, promotes teamwork, manages complexity, and truly cares about the safety of all department employees throughout this COVID-19 pandemic health crisis”. –Peter Pavlis

Krista Lanan (IT)
“In preparation for many staff working from home, Krista Lanan went above and beyond to help ensure that everyone had access to the necessary resources to be successful in this new work environment. She was quick to respond to emails, fast-tracked many submitted tickets, and provided multiple ‘how to’ guides to serve as additional resources. Despite the demand placed upon her, she remained upbeat and focused on each individual who needed help.”
Melanie Frank

“Krista has ensured we all have what we need on our computers to be able to work from home. I am so thankful for all of her support during this time.”
–Cindy Sparrow

Surgery Schedulers
Alesha Jones, April Hall, Ashley James, Brenda Bell, Catalina Rodriguez Rosado, Chenita Lambert, Colleen Forbes, Cynthia Vazquez, Denice Perry, Heidi Roach, Jean Mitchell, Jim Davis, Kim Cotton-Wilson, LaShonda Holman, Marsha Hocutt, Martha Aitken, Megan Wahl, Michelle Minnich, Michelle Reich, Nicole Mouser, Rachael Bowes, Rebecca McGowan, Renata Staley-Chestnutt, Rose Woods, Roseta White, Sabrina Hoummidi, Stacey Tamhanker, Susan Mylott, Suzette Billings, Tammie Frazier, Terri Heggie, and Timera Jefferson

“Wow – what a team! With Duke’s proactive approach regarding resource allocation, our surgery schedulers were tasked with collecting case data and submitting it for leadership review, should we need to move forward with canceling elective cases. This group of individuals delivered every day and remained incredibly flexible in an ever-changing environment (and ever-changing spreadsheets to collect the data). HUGE KUDOS to all those listed above.”
Melanie Frank

from Cindy Sparrow…
Susan Mylott is always helping me with Dr. Gage’s schedule and getting access to his availability.
John McCall looks out for us with EVS and requests additional cleaning so we can stay health in the office and not spread germs.
Kelly Williams is always willing to help me out whether it is ordering supplies or just needing general office guidance. She is a great asset and a definite team player.

from Jennifer Dye...
The team in the Orthopaedic Trauma Clinic has been gathering items for hygiene “goody bags” since October with the plan to give them to our underserved patients in need over the holidays. The bags included items such as hand sanitizer, soaps, lotion, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and socks. Some items we purchased ourselves and some we collected from hotel stays. We also asked family members and church groups to donate items to contribute to the bags. In our downtime, we put the bags together and put them aside to use as needed. Over the holidays we gave out multiple bags to our patients and the patients were pleasantly surprised and all expressed their thanks. With the shortage of soaps and tissues and other hygiene supplies, we felt everyone could use a little help so we decided to offer the goody bags to all of our patients. Catherine Smith, our medical assistant, printed signs for the front desk and clinical area to make patients aware of the bags.  We also asked each patient if they would like one during their visit. So far, we have given out about five bags and each recipient has been extremely grateful.

from Sam Adams
I want to recognize my amazing and outstanding Foot and Ankle team: Dana Norvell, Tam Huynh, Dela Adams, and Marsha Hocutt go above and beyond all the time but especially during Covid-19. They continue to provide excellent and kind care to all our patients with the addition and constantly changing clinic workflow, patient communication, surgery, and appointment rescheduling.

from Renta Walker
Janna Fonseca (Administrative Manager I Duke Sports Medicine I Carolina Family Practice & Sports Medicine) has been phenomenal with all of this information coming in and keeping us updated. She personally helped me get my laptop set up to work from home as the IT department was really backed up from everything going on. She was very diligent in helping get everything out to us here at DSSI. She talked to us about if we needed anything during this time to please let her know. I have reached out to her a few times already and she has been very quick to respond and offer any guidance and help. She has daily calls to check-in and make sure everything we need is at our fingertips. I cannot express how comforting this is to me knowing I have someone who really wants me to succeed and be the best prepared to do my job.

Dara Purvis

from Janna Fonseca
She is patient and so good at weighing all options when a decision needs to be made. Every call/interaction begins with a genuine “how are you doing?” which to me, truly indicates that she genuinely cares about her team’s well-being.

from Melanie Frank
Dara has remained calm in the midst of chaos; this has been both reassuring and uplifting as we continue into uncharted territory. Despite an environment of continuously changing workflows she has remained available and provided endless amounts of support to her direct reports and beyond.

from Delores McNair
Dara Purvis an in-person example of the Ortho Mission statement in action.
REACHING OUT– with her administrative tasks increasing every hour,  Dara asked her team daily what can we do better to serve our patients and was first to take on a task. 
STEPPING UP– Dara is always a person of integrity and stepped up in every COVID 19 meeting or situation to ensure the integrity of our program remains exceptional.
MOVING FORWARD – Dara never lost focus on the future of our programs and continued to work to make sure our incoming fellows are taken care of in support of excellence in education.
CLIMBING HIGHER– No one has been neglected by Dara.  She continues to meet with the clinical, research and basic sciences team supporting future innovations and monitoring the day to day business needs. When Dara reaches out and touches you, you are naturally encouraged to step up, move forward and climb higher.

from John Lohnes

While we are certainly focused on the coronavirus here at home, let's remember that this is a global pandemic, and much of the world already suffers from critical shortages of medical supplies and services. Africa, in particular, will be hit very hard as the virus spreads there. Since 2004 I have volunteered to coordinate the Duke REMEDY program, which recovers usable surplus medical supplies from the Health System to donate to areas of need overseas. With the help of Amanda Thomas, RN (HCA at Knightdale Primary Care) we were able to coordinate the donation of 14 pallets of medical supplies to her home country of Liberia this week. Liberia has still not recovered from the Ebola outbreak there 5 years ago. These supplies will be going to Phebe Hospital, which serves one of the poorest regions of that country.

https://frontpageafricaonline.com/county-news/liberia-phebe-hospital-lacks-gloves-fuel-and-other-medical-supplies/  For more information about REMEDY at Duke go to:  https://sites.duke.edu/remedy/ Volunteers are welcome!

from Michelle Reich
I received an email from Beth Moore (Administrative Assistant for Duke Spine Center and Trauma Clinic for offering to help contact injection procedure patients for Dr. Liu–to confirm if they are planning to keep their scheduled appointment. She called each patient, she did not have access to MyChart, received one cancellation and notified me so we could update the procedure schedule and reschedule the patient for a future visit. I really appreciate her offer to help and I hope to work with her in the future as well.

from Beth Turner
Christina Fort and Angela Vaughan from the apt hub have been great in helping contact patients. They are quick to respond and complete tasks. I appreciate their hard work and assistance!!

from John Bonini

Dametra Arrington (our Revenue Manager). In addition to her regular duties, she has managed to organize and submit data for about 80 providers across Ortho to the TeleHealth team this week to expedite getting them signed up to perform Video Visits. She exhibits excellence on a daily basis.

from Erica Taylor
As the DRAH Orthopaedic Medical Director, I have witnessed an amazing amount of teamwork and compassion being demonstrated by our surgeons and periop leaders at Duke Raleigh. I'd like to also highlight our Duke Ortho Surgeons in Raleigh for exhibiting flexibility and regard for patient/provider risk mitigation through an ever-evolving situation. I have also had multiple orthopaedic surgeons from Duke Ortho and the community groups offer to pitch in to help with on-call trauma cases as the need warrants, adding to the robustness of our team during this crisis. Although there are multiple sources of stress and complexity in processes right now, our collaborative approach to our local challenges, frequent communication, and empathy for each other has made this all the more bearable. 

from Ray Malaguti
A big thank you the Duke Orthopedic APP’s who have come together to man some orthopaedic triage lines we have developed to guide our Duke colleagues when they have questions regarding orthopaedic care for their patients. A special thanks to Neil Ewing, Beth Turner and Ashley Grimsley who were a tremendous help in getting this operational. All of our APP’s are exceptional individuals and clinicians.

from Dana Norvell

I wanted to let you know how Sheila Smith went above and beyond yesterday to make sure I received an adapter for my laptop that was on backorder. She not only offered to meet me somewhere to let me borrow an extra one she had (which, as it turned out, was not the one I needed), but she made some extra calls and emails to make sure I could get the one I needed in my hands yesterday. She was great with follow-up as well! Really amazing job on her part, and I’m so grateful to her.

from Sam Adams
Melanie Frank continues to impress me during the COVID crisis. Despite taking on extra duties for the department, she continues to complete tasks, stay on top of division finances (for multiple divisions, and be available after hours and on weekends. Melanie always knows the answer and Melanie always gets the job done.
She is an asset to our department and I so appreciate her!

from Cindy Sparrow
I want to send a shout out to Dr. Mark Gage who has been so gracious to help me in getting patients consented so our study can continue. With Dr. Reilly out on leave and all the extra things he has taken on to cover trauma, he has been willing to help me out. I just want him to know how much it is appreciated.

From Tammie Frazier
I work in pediatric Orthopaedic surgery with Dr. Robert Lark and Dr. Elizabeth Hubbard. I would like to give a shout out to Lynn Montoya who works in Orthopaedics as well. I was asked by my physician to set up a WebEx Meeting and I had only done this once, and it had been a while, so I needed a refresher course. Lynn took time out of her schedule from her home to talk me through how to do this. She never once made me feel as though I were bothering her in any way. She was very kind, informative, and helpful, and I appreciate her so much going out of her way to help me. Kudos to Lynn. She is a wonderful asset to Duke Orthopaedics.

from John Bonini
I would like to thank the following managers and staff across Ortho who volunteered to be trained so they could assist providers across Duke Health to go live on Video Visits in a more timely manner. They have been setting up appointments with providers from early morning through evening and even on the weekends. This effort has helped with the continuity of care for patients. Special recognition should be observed for the following members our team: Megan Wahl, Linnette Serrano, Kymberly Hart, Drew Smithwick, Brendan Hogan, Mieko Dunn, Adrian Dunn, Christine Bradshaw, Malinda Simmons, Nicole Nichols, Jacob Webster, Steve Silverman, Milton Robinson, Maurita Wright, Beth Hudson, Heidi Roach, Ashley Scarberry, Ashley Hahn, Jennifer Morris, and Savannah Suitt,
Nicholas Stigler, Marina Babore, and Gyshla Bradley!