Grand Rounds Conference

> The Patient Safety Conference is held on the first Wednesday of the month.

Date Title Speaker(s)
10/25/2023 Health Related Social Needs Screening Christian Pean, MD; Erica Taylor, MD

Visiting Professors (Grand Rounds)

Date Title Speaker(s)
10/11/2023 Modern-Day Evaluation & Treatment of Spinal Infections: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Paul Huddleston, MD
11/8/2023 Quality of Life, Suicidality, and Moral Injury in Surgeons Anna Miller, MD, FAAOS, FACS, FAOA
11/15/2023 Association of Women Surgeons KMarie King, MD & Jina Sinskey, MD
3/20/2024 Amputation/TMR Douglas G. Smith, MD
5/8/2024 J. Leonard Goldner, MD, Visiting Professor Todd O. McKinley, MD
5/22/2024 Memorial Day Visiting Professor Jeanne Patzkowski, MD