Grand Rounds Conference

> The Patient Safety Conference is held on the first Wednesday of the month.

2/21/2024 Reconstructive options for pediatric malignancies about the knee Nicole Levine, MD
  Atlantooccipital Dissociation Ethan Cottrill, MD
  VTE Prophylaxis Jacob Torrey, MD
2/28/2024 TBA Dr.'s Rao, Crook, & Lorentz Presenting 

Visiting Professors (Grand Rounds)

3/27/24 Coaching Conversations Duke Sports Medicine and Beyond, George S.E. Aitken, MD, Visiting Professor Keith Kenter, MD, Hon ScD 
4/17/24 Amputation Surgery and Prosthetics: Now and the Future  Douglas G. Smith, MD
5/9/24 J. Leonard Goldner, MD, Visiting Professor Todd O. McKinley, MD
5/22/24 Memorial Day Visiting Professor Jeanne Patzkowski, MD
6/26/24 William E. Garrett, Jr., MD, PhD Visiting Professor Thomas Best, MD, PhD
7/17/24 Ralph W. Coonrad, MD, Visiting Professor

Wade Shrader, MD