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Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
DUMC Box 104002
Durham, North Carolina 27710



Orthopaedic Patient Appointments or Questions
Contact Orthopaedic Appointment Line 800-851-5811 or 919-613-7797

Duke Signature Care – Concierge Medicine
Contact the Appointment Coordinator at 919-813-6860

Please know that we cannot reply to any clinical or surgical questions over the web or by email.

Referral Fax: (919) 479-2436

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Scott Campbell, Visiting Student Coordinator
Duke University School of Medicine, Office of the Registrar
Office (919) 684-8042

Contact Scott Campbell to inquire about application requirements (i.e. VSAS open date, VSAS application requirements check list, professional liability) and participation requirements (i.e. background check, immunizations).

Wendy Thompson, C-TAGME, GME Program Coordinator
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Office (919) 684-3170

Contact Wendy Thompson to inquire about orthopaedic one-page application, rotation schedules, and core curriculum.


Program Coordinators

Wendy Thompson, C-TAGME

Tyranicia Green "Ty"

Program Coordinators

Cheryl DePaolis
Kelly Oliver (Primary Care Sports Medicine only)

Please contact DPT with questions or comments about the program.

If you have a specific area you want to contact, see our direct contact list.
Phone 919-681-4380 | Fax 919-684-1846 | DUMC Box 104002, Durham, North Carolina 27710

Prospective DPT students who would like to schedule a virtual campus tour, please contact to coordinate a tour with a graduate assistant. 

Please contact Duke OTD with questions or comments about the program.

Prospective OTD students interested in Duke OTD, please email