Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Scott Joins Sports Medicine Division


Elizabeth “Liz” Scott, MD, has joined the Division of Sports Medicine as of Jan. 9, 2023, and will be a part of the Hip Preservation Team. Dr. Scott earned her MD at Duke, performed her residency at University of Iowa, and completed a fellowship in Sports Medicine at Boston Children's Hospital.

Welcome, Dr. Scott!

Q&A with Dr. Scott

What brings you joy? 

The things that bring me joy are my dog, Bear (Shichon), and my horse, Lance (I do dressage). They are "my boys." I also love hiking and traveling. 

What excites you about this role at Duke?

I'm excited to be back among familiar faces at Duke, many of whom mentored me as a medical student. Starting as a new surgeon in practice is exciting; however, to be able to do it at Duke - is a great thing!