Celebrating National Doctor's Day

Tomorrow is National Doctor's Day, celebrated on the anniversary of Dr. Crawford W. Long’s first surgery under anesthesia in Jefferson, Georgia. His work balanced the science and art of medicine and led to a significant advance in care. He did not publish his results for seven years. In the interim, Horace Wells and William Morton used ether at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston – resulting in Morton and Wells being credited with this advancement for years. It is fitting that this day of celebration is on the anniversary of someone who made an underacknowledged advance in medicine. 

With research advancements, new tools, and easier access to information, doctors today have a large body of data on which to diagnose and treat patients. However, it is the art side of the specialty that patients appreciate and is responsible for many of the contributions to society and the community. Our doctors at Duke Orthopaedics do a tremendous job balancing the art and science of the specialty, working hard to help our patients and make broader contributions to society. Their collective devotion to providing the best care, treatments, and solutions for our patients and their loved ones is a mark of excellence. Staying with a patient just a little longer in an appointment to discuss a condition, working to improve techniques and treatment approaches, and being committed to finding the best solutions are appreciated daily.

Please join me in saying “thank you” to our physicians for all they do for our patients, loved ones, and us. 
All the best,