Duke Ortho Attends 90th ABOS Reunion

Last weekend, past and present Duke Orthopaedic Surgery faculty and alumni attended the 90th reunion of the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS).

The ABOS was founded in 1934 as a private, voluntary, nonprofit, autonomous organization; the ABOS exists to serve the best interest of the public and the medical profession by establishing educational standards for orthopaedic residents and by evaluating the initial and continuing qualifications and competence of orthopaedic surgeons. 

The purpose and mission of the ABOS are to ensure the safe, ethical, and effective practice of orthopaedic surgery; the ABOS maintains the highest standards for education, training, and conduct through examination, certification, and maintenance of certification for the benefit of the public. 

This board plays a significant role as members of the Duke Ortho department are certified and recertified by the ABOS. Duke has had a long history with the participation of our faculty as directors on the ABOS. 

Duke Orthopaedics faculty and alumni serving as directors include Ned Amendola, MD, John Callaghan, MD, Tom Dameron, MD, Paul DeRosa, MD, Don Ferlic, MD, William Garrett, MD, Richard Gelberman, MD, Neil Green, MD, Greg Mencio, MD, Frank Stelling, MD, James Urbaniak, MD, Tad Vail, MD, and J. Warren White, MD.