Grand Rounds and Core Conferences

Grand Rounds Conference

> Wednesday's, 6:30-7:30 a.m., 311 Trent Drive, Suite 1250
> Patient Safety Conference is generally held the first Wednesday of the month.

Date Time Title Speaker Learning Objectives/ Details Moderator
12/7/2022 6:30-7:30 AM Patient Safety Conference     Alison Toth, M.D.
12/14/2022 6:30-6:50 AM Metastatic Disease Matthew Brown, M.D. Learning Objective #1   What is the fracture healing rate for breast cancer pathologic fractures
   Learning Objective #2   Is thyroid cancer lytic or blastic
   Learning Objective #3   Is there an advantage to en bloc resection for renal cancer mets
Julia Visgauss
12/14/2022 6:50-7:10 AM TBA Jonathon Florance, M.D.    
12/14/2022 7:10-7:30 AM TBA Caroline Park, M.D.    
12/21/2022 6:30-6:50 AM TBA Jason Long, M.D.    
12/21/2022 6:50-7:10 AM TBA Alexandra Paul, M.D.    
12/21/2022 7:10-7:30 AM TBA Samuel Lorentz, M.D.    
12/28/2022   NO CONFERENCE      
1/4/2023 6:30-7:30 AM Patient Safety Conference     Alison Toth, M.D.
1/11/2023 6:30-6:50 AM TBA Jonathon Florance, M.D.    
1/11/2023 6:50-7:10 AM TBA Neil McGroarty, M.D.    
1/11/2023 7:10-7:30 AM TBA Joshua Helmkamp, M.D.    

Upcoming Events

> Grand Rounds Conference

Date Title Speaker Details
3/8/2023 No Grand Rounds - AAOS Meeting    
3/22/2023 Title TBA L. Andrew Koman, MD George S. E. Aitken, MD Visiting Professor
3/29/2023 Title TBA Robert L. Satcher, MD John M. Harrelson, MD Visiting Professor
5/3/2023 Title TBA William N. Levine, MD J. Leonard Goldner, MD Visiting Professor
6/28/2023 Title TBA Bruce Reider, MD William E. Garrett, Jr., MD, PhD Visiting Professor

Specialty Core Conference

> Tuesday's, 6:30–7:15 a.m., 311 Trent Drive, Suite 1250

Date Title Speaker
12/6/2022 Lower Extremity Amputation Rachel Reilly, MD
12/13/2022 Acebabulum Steven Olson, MD
12/20/2022 Brachial Plexus Injury Neill, Li, MD
12/27/2022 No Conference - Christmas Holiday  
1/3/2023 Shoulder Arthroplasty for Fracture Tally Lassiter, MD
1/10/2023 Patellofemoral Joint Disorders Jocelyn Wittstein, MD, Kendall Bradley, MD
1/17/2023 Pelvic Ring Malcolm DeBaun, MD
1/24/2023 Clavicle/Proximal Humerus Christian Pean, MD
1/31/2023 Shoulder Instability Brian Lau, MD, Joe Dickens, MD

Fracture/Trauma Conference

> Thursday's, 6:30–7:15 a.m., 1515 Duke North Radiology

Date Title Speaker
12/8/2022 Pelvic Ring Keith Whitlock, MD
12/15/2022 Acetabulum David Kerr, MD
12/22/2022 No Conference - Christmas Holiday  
12/29/2022 No Conference - New Year's Holiday  
1/5/2023 Residency Check-In  
1/12/2023 Knee Dislocation Richard Danilkowicz, MD
1/19/2023 Calcaneus Fractures Keith Whitlock, MD
1/26/2023 Talus Fractures/Subtalar Dislocations David Kerr, MD

Core Skills Conference/Lab

> Thursday's, 5:30-7:30 p.m., 0101A Duke South, Purple Zone

Date Title Speaker
12/8/2022 Surgical Exposures to the Pelvis (AIP/Illioinguinal) Malcolm DeBaun, MD, Christian Pean, MD
12/15/2022 Surgical Exposures to the Acetabulum (Kocher/Surgical Hip Dislocation) Resident's Practice
12/22/2022 No Conference - Christmas Holiday  
12/29/2022 No Conference - New Year's Holiday  
1/5/2023 No Conference - Pre-Interview Social  
1/12/2023 Knee (Soft Tissue) Brian Lau, MD, Ned Amendola, MD
1/19/2023 Specialty Day - Foot and Ankle - Lisfrance Samuel Adams, MD
1/26/2023 Pilon/Hindfoot Lab (Visiting Professor)

Malcolm DeBaun, MD

2/2/2023 Questions Residents
2/9/2023 Shoulder Approaches  Alison Toth, M.D.
2/16/2023 Brachial Plexus New Plexus Faculty