Celebrating Patient Experience Week

This is Patient Experience Week (April 29 – May 3).

Scores of technological advances in care have occurred over the past decades, but people's experiences with healthcare systems have only sometimes kept pace with these advances.

In 1986, Jean Picker was treated for a long-term condition. She and her husband Harvey found that health care was not sensitive to patients' needs and preferences. To improve the experience, they partnered with the Commonwealth Fund of New York and funded a research project called the Picker/Commonwealth Program for Patient-Centered Care. The result of this work was published in the book, “Through the Patient’s Eyes” (Through the Patient's Eyes: Understanding and Promoting Patient-Centered Care, Margaret Gerteis, Susan Edgman-Levitan, Jennifer Daley, and Thomas L. Delbanco editors. ISBN: 978-0-787-96220-3), which provides essential insights into the patient experience and how this influences outcomes. 

Picker identified eight Principles of Person-Centered Care: (1) fast access to reliable health care information; (2) effective treatment by trusted professionals; (3) continuity of care and smooth transitions; (4) involvement and support for family and caregivers; (5) clear information and support for self-care; (6) involvement in decisions and respect for preferences; (7) emotional support, empathy, and respect; and (8) attention to physical and environmental needs.

While patient experience is always important, please take some time this week to reflect on what we can do to optimize it. More information is available on the Picker and the Patient Experience Network websites.  

Please join me in rededicating ourselves to providing Person-Centered Care and using the available data to guide our activities in this area.

All the best