MD Sub-internship: Acceptance

Review Process

Soon after the application deadline, the selection committee reviews and discusses all students who have submitted a complete application profile. Students are accepted based on the application criteria, the number of open spots, and their top date preferences. It is imperative that students identify (and continually) list all dates that they are available in the AAMC/VSAS system.

Application Criteria
Student applicants are accepted on the basis of preparedness, ability, aptitude, academic credentials, communication skills and personal qualities such as motivation and integrity. In particular, we consider:

  • Educational accomplishments
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Experience
  • Research

Important intangibles include:

  • Leadership
  • Work ethic
  • Communication skills
  • Enthusiasm

Students accepted for the sub-internship may expect to receive notification from Scott Campbell, Visiting Student Coordinator, with the Duke University School of Medicine.

Preferred Dates

  • Students should specify all date periods that they are available. It is not possible to offer every student their top preference.
  • Students should continually update their date preference to include the order of preference and withdraw from dates that they are no longer available.
  • Students should ensure that their date of preference is specified in the AAMC/VSAS system prior to contacting the program to inquire about availability.

Block Availability

  • Summer Term: May 30-June 2, 2023 - Full
  • Summer Term: June 26-July 21, 2023 – Full
  • Summer Term: July 24-August 18, 2023 – Full
  • Fall Term: August 21-September 15, 2023 – Full
  • Fall Term: September 18-October 13, 2023 – Full
  • Fall Term: October 16-November 10, 2023 – Full
  • Fall Term: November 13-December 8, 2023 – Full


Orthopaedic Surgery provides a full educational experience with approximately 9 students per 4-week block – training approximately 40-44 medical students annually.

Scott Campbell, Visiting Student Coordinator, will notify students regarding the status of their application after the application deadline. 

  • The Duke University School of Medicine application requirements must be met in order to officially rotate at Duke. 
  • The Duke University School of Medicine stipulates that Duke medical students must have the opportunity to enroll before notifying visiting medical students confirming their acceptance.