Clinical Research Unit

The Duke Department of Orthopaedic Surgery’s Clinical Research Unit (CRU) plays a critical role in realizing the mission and vision of Duke Orthopaedics.

The CRU oversees and supports all clinical research projects undertaken by Duke Orthopaedics faculty, helps investigators access and manage pre-and post-award funding from industry, foundation, and federal sources and develops strong research partnerships across disciplines.

Duke Orthopaedics is enjoying an expansion of our research programs across all areas of expertise, including our core focus areas of engineering; cellular, developmental, and genome sciences; whole-body kinematics; and population biology. Clinical research has always been the central focus and strength of our Duke Orthopaedics surgical faculty – and the CRU is instrumental in facilitating and advancing this important work.

Recently, a traditional focus on retrospective review-based projects, driven in part by our residency program, has shifted toward more industry-funded research due to our industry partners' need to understand the function of medical devices we implant in patients. The CRU facilitates these partnerships while also striving to grow the Department’s portfolio of federally funded clinical research.

Several Duke Orthopaedics faculty have joint appointments with the Duke Clinical Research Institute, providing enhanced opportunities for cost-effective collaborative research.

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Orthopaedic Surgery CRU and Staff

Goldner Jones Distinguished Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery; Division Chief – Trauma/Hip Preservation; Director, Orthopaedic Clinical Research Unit
Research Practice Manager
Assistant Research Practice Manager


Grants and Contract Administrator
Grants and Contracts Manager (RASR)
Fresh Tissue Lab Agreements


Clinical Research Coordinator I

Foot and Ankle

Clinical Research Coordinator Tier 2
Clinical Research Coordinator I


Clinical Research Specialist, Sr.


Clinical Research Coordinator Tier 2
Clinical Research Coordinator Tier 3


Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator


Clinical Research Coordinator, Sr
Clinical Research Coordinator I
Research Program Leader, Sr
Clinical Research Coordinator Tier 2

Translational Science, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy

Clinical Research Coordinator, Tier 1
Clinical Reserach Coordinator I
Clinical Research Coordinator II

Trauma/Hip/Physical Therapy

Clinical Research Coordinator II