Orthopaedic Data Resources

ACE Business Objects Universes*

  • Data: Access to various EPIC Universes (e.g. Patient Reported Outcomes Universe and Flowsheets Universe)
         • A full list of universes and universe owners can be found here.
  • Access: Training for BusinessObjects Web Intelligence class for report developers is available on the Duke LMS site (Search ACE-W110). To receive access to a universe you MUST have approval from your manager and also the specific owner of that particular universe. 

Orthopedic Universe

  • Data: Contains data specific to orthopaedic patients and providers. A data dictionary with all data elements is available here.  
  • Access: This universe is currently being made available via PACE and will require Tableau access. If you do not have access to PACE, you can create an account following the steps in this link. Access to the Universe can be obtained by contacting the COORDS committee. 

Patient-Reported Outcomes Data

  • Data: Any encounter-based patient-reported outcome data can be obtained through the PRO Universe 
  • Access: Training for BusinessObjects Web Intelligence class for report developers is available on the Duke LMS site. See ‘ACE Business Objects Universes’ above for steps on accessing this data. 
  • Data: PROMIS-61 and PROMIS-CAT series data is available upon request. 
  • Access: Access to PROMIS data can be obtained by contacting the COORDS committee.


  • Data: Patient data available via DEDUCE is included here
  • Access: DEDUCE is accessible via PACE.           
    • You can request a DEDUCE account following the steps in this link.
    • You can create a PACE account following the steps in this link. 

COORDS Resources 

  • Data: Any EPIC data that is otherwise unavailable via other sources listed on this site can be requested through COORDS. 
  • Access: Please fill out a data request form here.
  • Divisional funding or COORDS funding can support requests through ACE Research
  • Requests for QI data will be rerouted to Performance Services

Osteoarthritis Dashboard

  • Data: Data on the hip and knee osteoarthritis population at Duke University Health System.
  • Access: Adult Reconstruction providers have access to this dashboard when on the Duke network
  • Email carolyn.hutyra@duke.edu for access 

PearlDiver Bellweather

Data: Claims data is available for research purposes upon request

  • Access: Contact Emily Reinke to be added to the IRB for this project. Contact Carolyn Hutyra for access to PearlDiver. 

Other Data Resources


*Duke’s BusinessObjects Universes refers to representations of the organization's data that allow end-users to more easily access data autonomously through common, descriptive terms. Universes are composed of objects mapped to source data in the database and accessed through queries and reports.