Request Data

COORDS partners with the Department Analytic Resource Team (DART) in ACE to provide dedicated resources to fulfill data requests made by faculty in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. 

All formal requests completed through this website will be reviewed and triaged by DART and subsequently prioritized by the COORDS stakeholder group for fulfillment.

Not all data requests or projects are appropriate for this mechanism. There are many other options at Duke for requesting data that can be found at getdata@duke or by clicking here

**Please read the information below carefully before submitting your data request form**

About the data request form:

The data request form aims to gather preliminary information for effective formal consultation to determine your needs for data. Completing this form is necessary to allow DART to prioritize resources and provide a timeline for the delivery of data for your project.

All requests made via this form will be reviewed and triaged by DART and subsequently prioritized by the COORDS stakeholder group.

Required information:

Before completing the data request form you will need to have a concise project summary (1 page or less) including the following elements: 

  • Background/Rationale for your request 
  • Statement of Problem: What problem are you going to address through completing this project?
  • Project Aims: Identify the purpose of this project and list specific aims or goals to be accomplished
  • Proposed Methods: (a) type of study design, (b) setting, (c) main outcomes of interest, and (d) proposed statistical plan
  • Data Elements: (a) patient sample/population (b) time frame (c) what variables you are interested in collecting (d) what interventions or processes will be examined

*This document will need to be uploaded as an attachment in Qualtrics. Please name your file: last name_projectsum. Click here to access project summary template.

Need help designing your study?

Contact DOCR study planning services at: This is a free service available to you.

What to expect next:

Once you complete the data request form in its entirety, you will be contacted by a business analyst in DART who will set up a meeting with you to determine the scope of your data request. You will be contacted within one week of submitting a completed data request.

During the consultation, the analyst will gather the requirements to scope your project. It is recommended that your statistical support resource be present at the consultation or is contacted shortly thereafter. Identifying and involving your statistician is vital to ensuring that the data you are requesting can be appropriately analyzed and revisions to your initial request are not needed as this will be considered a new request. 

After your requirements are finalized and you have consulted your statistician, we recommend you submit your IRB protocol or application for exemption. This ensures that the data you are requesting will be covered by your IRB and reduce the likelihood of future amendments.

It is our policy that data requests fulfilled through DART must provide evidence of IRB approval or evidence of exemption. Work cannot begin on your project until evidence of IRB approval or exempt status is provided.


Once your request is triaged and prioritized we will determine if your request can be fulfilled. You will be given an estimation of a timeline for the delivery of data.

This timeline is dependent on:

  1. The complexity of the request and requested data 
  2.  The current work queue
  3. Responsiveness to communication from the DART/COORDS team.

All requests for data must be submitted at least 8 weeks before any required project completion deadline (i.e. abstract submission deadline or grant deadline). 

Policies for COORDS Data:

  • It is our policy that COORDS be formally acknowledged as a data resource for data requests through DART that use COORDS resources and infrastructure and result in a manuscript, poster or platform presentation, or other type of publicly disseminated material.
  • Anyone who made significant contributions to conception and design, or acquisition of data, or analysis and interpretation of data, should be considered for authorship or formally acknowledged in manuscripts, poster or platform presentations, or other types of publicly disseminated materials.
  • All fulfilled data requests must have IRB approval or evidence of IRB exemption before work beyond gathering formal requirements can begin
  • Identification of statistical assistance is required before requirements can be finalized. If needed, please submit a BERD request here
  • All data requests require the support of an Orthopaedic Surgery faculty member as the requester, PI, Co-PI or mentor. Data requests from faculty from other Departments without the inclusion of an Orthopaedic Surgery faculty will not be considered.
  • If an investigator is requesting to use COORDS as part of a research grant proposal, there is an expectation that COORDS will be included in the budget as permitted.