Who We Are



william jiranek

William Jiranek, MD – Co-Chair

Dr. Jiranek is a Co-Chair of COORDS. His role is to provide guidance for research initiatives within COORDS.

wittstein for coords

Jocelyn Wittstein, MD – Co-Chair

Dr. Wittstein is a Co-Chair of COORDS and she is the Medical Director at Duke Orthopaedics Heritage. She is also a faculty member at the Duke Clinical Research Institute. Her role in COORDS is vital in aligning the initiatives of COORDS with clinical, quality improvement, and practice innovation needs of the Department.   

Emily Reinke, Ph.D. – Collaborative Partner

Dr. Reinke is a collaborative partner for COORDS and the Research Program Leader for the Sports Division in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. Dr. Reinke serves as a data analytics consultant for COORDS. In her role, she provides key insights into the underlying data infrastructure and analytic capacity of COORDS.

John Bonini – Collaborative Partner

John Bonini is a collaborative partner for COORDS and the Director of Clinical Operations for Duke Orthopaedics. John plays a key role in the implementation of electronic data capture and manages clinical staff to ensure appropriate collection of patient information. John’s work is essential to maintaining operational efficiency as the Department expands its patient-reported outcome collection efforts.