Ortho IRB Submission Information

This information is for faculty and learners interested in applying for external grant funding for research.

Who Can Apply For Research Grants?
Members of the Duke regular rank faculty in good standing with the University are eligible to serve as a Primary Investigator (PI) as a matter of privilege on sponsored projects at Duke, in accordance with the Principal Investigator Eligibility policy. Individuals who are not a member of the regular rank faculty at Duke University may request eligibility to serve as PI/PD on applications for external funding. Complete information found at: https://myresearchpath.duke.edu/procedure-requesting- eligibility-serve-principal-investigator

Additional resources when considering applying for external funding can be found in MyResearchPath – available through MyResearchHome at https://myresearchpath.duke.edu/topics/explore-understand-and-find-funding.

How to Start the Process?
For any type of external funding award for research, the Faculty PI should ensure the Intent To Submit form is completed. This applies to every type of award that has a due date for submission and excludes industry contracts. The Faculty PI should ensure the Intent To Submit form is completed. This form can be found at MyResearchHome (MRH.duke.edu). Login to MyResearchHome, click on “Submit A Request”, follow the link to the Intent to Submit.

Important Details and Deadlines to Keep In Mind
The expectation is that all PIs should complete an intent to submit form 30 business days prior to the funding award due date. See the link for a graphic timeline at https://ortho.duke.edu/research/funding-research-guide/grant-submission-timeline-requirements

The Intent to Submit form notifies the RASR team of the Project, the PI, the funding agency, and the planned due date. The RASR team will in turn work with the faculty PI to provide reminders of due dates and other relevant grant-related information

Prior to submitting for an external award, Duke University must approve the submission. If the grant submission is not approved in advance, the funds will not be accepted by Duke University if the application is successful. Recall that all research Awards are made to Duke University – not the faculty PI who applies for the award.

Trainees Should Not contact RASR directly or submit an Intent To Submit form for an application for research funding unless specifically directed to do so by a faculty PI.

What Submissions Go To ORA or ORC?
In general, the Office of Research Administration (ORA) approves submission of Federal Grants (NIH, DOD), Foundation or Professional Society awards and the Office of Research Contracts (ORC) approves completion of Industry contracts.

When an external funding agency has an established due date for research funding submissions, these submissions must be submitted to ORA at least 5 business days prior to the due date. Submissions to ORA with less than 5 business days will not be reviewed and requires a waiver which will only be granted in certain extenuating circumstances. RASR requires additional time to prepare the proposal for submission to ORA so your RASR contact will work with you on an established timeline prior to proposal submission.

If there is overlap (Overlap: scientific, budgetary, or commitment overlap) between two proposals, the PI should include an overlap statement when submitting the proposal. The overlap statement should identify and address potential commitment with other instances of support. Detailed information can be found at: https://myresearchpath.duke.edu/topics/disclose-activities-other-supportcurrent-and-pending?check_logged_in=1

Who Can You Contact If You Have Questions?
If you have questions contact Steve Olson (Steve.Olson@duke.edu), Shekeya Council (Shekeya.Council@duke.edu), or Tomasa Barrientos de Renshaw (Tomasa.Barrientosderenshaw@duke.edu).

Industry Contracts for Research
Faculty wanting to negotiate a contract with industry to support research should contact Peter Pavlis (peter.pavlis@duke.edu) or Erin Clelland (erin.clelland@duke.edu).